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Sprout's Grow For Eden initiative 


When Karen Lott opened the doors of Sprout Eden in December 2012, she also launched a fantastic new venture which has transformed the production and supply of fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables to the town. The shop’s Grow For Eden initiative invites local kitchen gardeners of all abilities to produce slightly more than they need for themselves, get paid for their excess and supply their neighbours as well as visitors to the town with fresh, local produce all year round.


The program is a natural extension of the highly successful Nethercote Seasonal Produce Market which Karen and friend, Barbara Greenwood started back in January 2009. Visitors to the market know that if they arrive first thing on a market morning , they’ll be overwhelmed by a gorgeous vista of glistening local garden produce which they’ll be able to buy at bargain prices. 


Grow For Eden at Sprout Eden functions on exactly the same basis. Gardeners are invited to bring any excess produce or any produce specially grown for sale to the shop for a fair price.


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