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At some markets we have a cooking demo that incorporates fresh local produce from market ingredients. Recipes from these demos appear below.

If you are a great cook, can cook up a delicious recipe in half an hour from available produce and explain how to do it to a captive audience in our market kitchen, please contact us!


A Broadwater Oysters customer introduced this recipe to me. It’s another easy cooked option for those who’d like a change from freshly shucked oysters.
Cooking Demo by Sue McIntyre Broadwater Oysters Summer 2019


This recipe was served at the first EAT Merimbula Festival showcasing local produce. It was a huge hit & will be back at EAT again this year! 
- Cooking Demo by Sue McIntyre Broadwater Oysters Summer 2019


I’ve been making Kilpatrick oysters with cream for over 20 years & it always gets the thumbs up from family & friends. I love being able to use all premium local produce to make this recipe. 
Cooking Demo by Sue McIntyre Broadwater Oysters Summer 2019


Anyone who has a veggie garden, or knows someone who has a veggie garden will know how abundant zucchinis are during spring and summer. Here's a great way to use zucchinis - turn them into Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles) and add your favourite pasta sauce. 
Cooking Demo Chris Aitken 27 October 2018


Not only is Cauliflower Fried Rice a great tasting dish for everyone, it’s a particularly helpful meal addition for those looking at cutting down grains and high carbohydrate foods. Especially in the colder months when cauliflowers (and other brassicas) are booming. Using cauliflower as a replacement for rice is quick, easy, tasty and incredibly healthy!
- Cooking Demo Chris Aitken 27 October 2018

If you have lots of limes, or even finger limes spare, make a delicious creamy pie for dessert and serve with a generous dollop of fresh local cream!
- Cooking Demo Nelleke Gorton 22 April 2017

Two traditional Swiss dishes that can be made with local Australian ingredients for a get together with family or friends at the dinner table.
All the cooking is done at the table, so everyone gets to talk to everyone else and you don't need to spend long in the kitchen preparing!
- Cooking Demo Lis Shelley 22 October 2016

A real winter treat, because it’s a hearty meal that will fuel you up for a big day’s work. Great to make with left over roast meat, veg and gravy. 

You can cheat and use store bought short crust pastry, but it isn’t hard to whip up your own pastry, especially if you use a food processor.
- Cooking Demo Amanda Stroud 23 July 2016

A great way to use your summer eggplants, this smokey dip goes well with pita bread, kebabs or in a trio of mediterranean dips. Charring the skin is the secret. Recipe from Barbara Greenwood.

This is a great nibble with a cold beer or crisp wine on a hot evening, goes great in pita bread with minted yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon and your kids might even appreciate them in little pita breads in their lunches!
- Cooking Demo Amanda Stroud 24 October 2015

Spinach, silverbeet and kale are king in winter. Turn your lovely green veg into this deliciou Greek Spinach pie, that can double up for dinner or lunch, anytime during the week.
- Cooking Demo Amanda Stroud 25 July 2015


This luscious moist cake is a great way to use up your surplus citrus and eggs. Serve it warm with a generous dollop of Tilba cream...mmm!

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