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Where do our profits go?


Nethercote Produce Market was the brainchild of ‘Nethercotians’ Karen Lott and Barbara Greenwood, who established it in 2009. Since then the market has contributed thousands of dollars to food garden projects around the Bega Valley.

The ethos behind it was simple: let’s provide an opportunity to share and buy locally grown, seasonal produce, with no/low food miles and minimal waste - just healthy, delicious tasting, fresh food. 


Initially any profits went towards improving future markets (for example, we bought a portable microphone for the cooking demonstrator so they didn’t lose their voice), purchased seedlings which we gave away to local residents at a gardener’s question and answer night, to encourage them to grow for their own use – and some mature excess veg was sold at later markets.
That led us to develop our growers program from which we provided funding to gardeners to plant out a garden bed specifically to produce for future markets.  We promised to buy the crop off them too!  Should the crop fail, we understood. It was all on “good faith” and to encourage people to “have a go” at growing.

Every market now dedicates a large portion of the profits to support a different food-growing-related cause, from funding plants and garden bed materials for school and community gardens to assisting drought-affected farmers.


Meaghan Holt - Project Officer of the Eden Place Plan - was happy to receive a cheque for $500 presented by Amanda Midlam, in 2018 to go towards the food garden at Eden's Endeavour Park.


From Little Things Parklands were presented with $500 by the Nethercote Produce Market committee following the Summer market in 2019. The group is developing a community based market garden and hopes to run its own market in Merimbula starting in 2019.


Nathan Lygon of Twofold Aboriginal Corporation recently received a cheque for $500 from the 2019 Autumn Nethercote Produce Market. The Corporation grows seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as propagating various bush foods. Food from the garden is distributed to the local community as well as being used by Meals on Wheels whose kitchen is located at the corporation premises.
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Our Winter 2022 market.


Spring 2022 - our 50th market!
Market founders Karen Lott & Barbara Greenwood cut the celebratory cake, and Stonewave Taiko drummed up a storm!

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