A Broadwater Oysters customer introduced this recipe to me. It’s another easy cooked option for those who’d like a change from freshly shucked oysters.

INGREDIENTS Serves 2 as an entree
  • 2 dozen freshly shucked medium size Sydney Rock Oysters from Pambula Lake, preferably Broadwater Oysters (!)

  • 1/2 cup Pesto

  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, finely grated

  • 1 tablespoon Fresh basil, finely chopped

  1. Heat grill to hot.

  2. Position oysters on the half-shell in an oyster tray, baking or patty cake tray, so that they won’t tip over & spill their liquid.

  3. Mix fresh basil into pesto.

  4. Cover each oyster with approximately half a teaspoon of pesto mix.

  5. Top with half teaspoon of cheese.

  6. Grill for 2-4 mins until cheese is melted & browning on top.

  7. Remove from grill & allow to cool for a couple of minutes before serving, so people can handle the hot shells without burning fingers!

Thanks to Sue McIntyre of Broadwater Oysters for this recipe, which she demonstrated at the 2019 Summer Nethercote Produce Market.