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Anyone who has a veggie garden, or knows someone who has a veggie garden will most likely know how abundant zucchinis are during those spring and summer months. One of many great ways to use zucchinis is to turn them into Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles). Often when a veggie is in abundance, you can quickly get sick of it but that is the beauty with zoodles. Because you are using them as a replacement for noodles or spaghetti, every dish can be new and interesting because you simple make a different dish that goes on top of them. This recipe is for a basic carbonara, but you can then go and make a bolognaise, then a nice seafood marinara, cheesy tomatoes and meatballs, a simple mac & cheese... the ideas are endless.


600g zucchini

1 large brown onions (diced)

3 small garlic cloves (peeled and crushed)

200g bacon (diced)

3 eggs

200ml double cream

60g parmesan cheese (grated)

Olive oil

  1. Prepare the zucchinis into zoodles and set aside into a large bowl (the Zoodler used in the demonstration was one bought from a local post office for under $30).

  2. Whisk the 3 eggs in a bowl, then add cream and parmesan and further whisk until evenly combined. Set the bowl aside.

  3. In a large frypan, fry the onion, garlic and bacon in the olive oil over a medium heat until the onions are slightly golden brown. If your mixture is a little dry, add a splash of white wine to add moisture and flavour.

  4. Gently pour in the egg/cream/cheese mixture into the pan with bacon/garlic/onion and cook on low heat, regularly stirring (to avoid the cheese sticking to the pan) until it is all evenly simmering.

  5. Once it is simmering, add the zoodles and mix gently to combine all ingredients evenly for 1-2 minutes. Serve when it reaches the desired temperature.

Thanks to Chris Aitken of Faraway Farm for this recipe, which he demonstrated at the 2018 Spring Nethercote Produce Market.

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